Tips For Golden Retriever Puppy Training

You may not realize it, but golden retriever training doesn’t have to be done too late. We believe that these little fluffy creatures can do no wrong. Wrong! They do funny things that make us all laugh! It’s not that different from a small toddler, who imitates adults all the time and then becomes “naughty” for doing the same things. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on Best Australian puppies available
A golden retriever puppy is no exception. We laugh at their silly antics and giggle at the little things they do, but before long the pup is six month old and we are grumbling at it for doing things that we laughed about four months ago. Believe me, it’s not easy to change the puppy’s mind.
Golden retriever puppy training
This is how you can see that these issues must be addressed before you bring your puppy home.
One time, I had a puppy that had been very busy and fell asleep in the lounge. I was going to be only there for 20 minutes so I left the house with my wallet in my hand and let the puppy go. She must have heard me go, because I returned to the lounge to find my bag empty and most of its contents chewed. I was so fortunate that other than replacing my makeup, there wasn’t any damage.
However, this shows how fast a puppy will ‘twist you around your little paw’ to destroy items if the owner is not careful.
Before you purchase a puppy, it’s important to talk with your family about what they will allow it to do and what they won’t.
What to avoid.
Feed your golden retriever slippers! “What?” you ask! One mistake many new dog owners make is giving their puppy an old slipper to chew on. It’s a bad idea! How can a puppy learn the difference between the old and the new? He might be thinking, “Thanks Daddy, for the new slippers.” I cannot wait to show you how much I have with these. You can see that they could believe this.
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