The Professional Way to Do Flag Pole Installation

The proper installation of the flag pole must be done. This type can be placed directly into the ground. The flagpole can withstand winds of up to 130 mph if it is installed correctly. As with other home improvement projects you can expect in-ground ones like those made with feather flags to enhance the aesthetic value and beauty of your home. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

Wind speed is crucial when installing your inground type. Simply hold a flag that is fairly large during windy weather to understand the importance. If you are unsure about the size of your flagpole, check with your dealer.

Preparing the foundation for an In-Ground type flag pole involves digging a hole in pre-selected spots and then wetting it with water before concrete is poured onto it. The concrete will settle before a cylindrical flagpole cover is inserted. Ground sleeve for the foundation of flag pole is a thick, steel-made cylinder with a wide base and an open portion. The ground sleeve protects the flagpole from corrosion that can occur when concrete is in contact with it. The ground sleeve’s outer portion has steel plates that will hold it in place until concrete is poured into its foundation. There are also wedges in the inner ground sleeve, which firmly settle the flagpole at the foundation’s center. You can also find a ground spike in the ground sleeves to channel off the lightning.

The flash collar is added to the ground sleeve and will be attached to the foundation. It is attached at the bottom, just above and below the ground sleeve. The flash collar acts as a protective shield against harmful elements and gives foundation a clean look. The concrete is used to fill the gap between flag pole and flash collar to prevent water from infiltrating into foundation.

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