Moldavite is “Star-Child” of Heaven

This beautiful green beauty, tektite is a form of glass rock. It is thought to have formed approximately 15 million year ago from a meteorite. The area where the meteorite fell was what was then Czechoslovakia. It is now Nordlinger Ries. Moldavia was the location where moldavite is named because it contained pieces of it that had melted and were scattered over an area of 250 miles.

A strewnfield describes the process of meteorite dispersal. These are elliptical-shaped, and can span several miles. How to tell if moldavite is real?


Moldavite, although it is best known for its gorgeous translucent forest green color and can also appear lighter. It has also been found in brown and yellow varieties. It can be purchased in both raw and cut form, but is becoming less common and thus more expensive. Spiritual seekers place this stone at the top of their wish list for crystals because of its claimed celestial origins.

Moldavite can be used for Starseeds, as the meteorite has been combined with the Earth to create moldavite. It’s a blend of earth and celestial material. It doesn’t matter from where you’re from, it’s still an excellent stone for interstellar communication. It can be used as a meditation tool by those who feel completely alone in this universe.

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