Different Carpet Cleaning Methods Professionals Use

Carpet cleaning methods can be determined by a variety of factors. The type of carpet you have will play a significant role in the cleaning method that your carpet cleaner uses. Your carpet’s location and preferred drying time will also impact your choice of cleaning method. You can also consider factors such as the amount of foot traffic or allergies. Let’s look at how different methods are used by carpet cleaners methods, and how they differ.

The first is known as steam cleaning, or hot water extraction. The hot water cleaning solution is applied to the carpet using a jet spray. This uses high pressure and a jet that utilizes high tension. This solution is mixed with dirt and water. The carpet is then vacuumed using a wet vacuum. This method is a series of steps that ensures the carpet is spotless. This is the best method for deep carpet cleaning. It can also be used in areas with heavy stains.

Also very popular is the dry or bonnet cleaning method. The carpet is cleaned with heat and chemicals that dissolve the oil within the fibers. It uses absorbent pads from a rotary machine to completely clean the carpet. This professional cleaning method can be quite expensive, but it provides quick drying and is safe to use when cleaning delicate fibers. While this method uses less water than steam cleaning it doesn’t provide deep cleaning as most carpets require. Another common method is foam cleaning. Foam is used to remove stain from carpets. An extraction vacuum then removes the foam along with dirt. Foam cleaning is ideal for maintenance. After cleaning the carpet, you’ll need to vacuum it for at least two hours. The carpet may also become stuck to the foam and attract more dirt.

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